Community Groups

“Church is not a place that you go, or an event that you attend. Church is a people to whom you belong.”

Our view of living out our lives as a covenanted community of worshipers is summed up in this phrase. We have often reduced what it is to “do church” to our activities or to a sacred place, but we see it as “being” – being a part of a group of fellow believers who are living together at a certain place during a certain time for kingdom advance. So the question naturally follows, how does that look in your everyday life as a church?

For us, Community Groups are an integral part to how we hope to “belong” to a people under the Lordship of Christ. These are smaller groups within our larger covenant membership who are committed to love, meet, encourage, correct, and care for one another and for the larger community of Rocky Mount. How do we hope to see that occur?

  • These groups are not just an option among others at CCC. All of our members are joined to a group. It is here that we are known by others, know others, and are missed when we can’t be together.
  • Each of these groups have leadership that is noted for their understanding of the Word, their character of life, and their ability and willingness to make the Word profitable in the life of our members. They help guide the groups to not just learn the Word, but to apply it. They also help to shepherd our people with care and guidance as we seek to live our lives together for Christ.
  • Each of these groups do meet on a regular basis. This does include a weekly gathering where we read the Scriptures together (all our CCC groups are currently walking through Acts), share our needs, and have a blast! But it is more than that. Our groups are engaging one another throughout the work week, over meals and coffee, recreational events, and more! We truly hope to encourage living life, in Christ, together…
  • Each of these groups seeks to live on mission together. We truly believe that God has put CCC here for kingdom advance! As such, we hope to individually and as a group be engaging people in our community with gospel intentionality.
There’s so much that Community Groups bring to the fabric of who we are at CCC. We are seeking to be a people to whom one belongs – a family with God as Father and Christ as brother.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about our ideas regarding Community Groups, where and when our various groups meet, and how you can benefit from and contribute to our intentions to live life together for Kingdom advance!