Community Groups

“Church is not a place that you go, 

or an event that you attend. 

Church is a people to whom you belong

under the Lordship of Christ."


Community Groups are an integral part to how we strive to “belong” to a people under the Lordship of Jesus. These are smaller groups within our larger covenant membership who are committed to love, meet, encourage, correct, and care for one another and for the larger community of Rocky Mount.


All of our members are part of a CG, meeting on a regular basis. We read the Scriptures together to understand it and live it out. We share our lives with one another. We seek to live on mission together. This allows us to grow rationally, relationally, and missionally – for God’s glory, our good, and the Kingdom’s advance!

Community Group Information

Charles Mullen/Bill Highsmith – Tuesday @ 6:00pm

Windchase Pointe Ct. | Charles Mullen:

John Griffin/Brent Dozier – Friday @ 6:30pm

Horseshoe Drive | John Griffin:

Jeff Hedgepeth – Sunday @ 4:00pm

Rotating Homes | Jeff Hedgepeth:

Barry Belton/Dennis Darville – Sunday @ 5:00pm

Rotating Homes | Barry Belton:

Will Turbyfill/Jack Heim – Sunday @ 5:00pm

Green Tee Lane | Will Turbyfill:

Brad Bobbitt – Sunday @ 5:00pm

Nichole Lane | Brad Bobbitt:

John Whitehead/George Gillian – Sunday @ 5:00pm

Brassfield Court | John Whitehead:

Kevin Barnes/Dennis VanZant – Sunday @ 5:30pm

Rotating Homes | Kevin Barnes:

Mike Avery – Sunday @ 5:30pm

Rotating Homes | Mike Avery:

Gerry Felton/Randy Guy – Sunday @ 5:30pm

Rotating Homes | Gerry Felton:

Gaither Weeks/Ken Orr/Mike Murphy – Sunday @ 6:00pm

Rotating Homes | Ken Orr: