At Christ Covenant, our C3 Institute provides the

opportunity for believers to receive intense training

in the truths and practices of our Christian faith. 

  • We seek to provide a variety of facilitated learning experiences with gifted teachers of God’s Word.
  • We offer multiple areas of study (Bible Study, Theology, Church History, Marriage & Family, etc.).
  • Class schedules vary (length of study & day offered) in order to give multiple opportunities in a world of busy schedules. 

Our C3 Institute goal is to help us deepen in our

faith for the transforming of our lives and the

impacting of the world around us for Christ.

C3 Institute Classes: Fall 2019

Our classes are open to anyone that desires to participate. 

Some class participation will be limited due to space availability. 

Classes specifically for Women are noted.

Sign up for any of these classes on Sunday morning or by emailing info@cccrm.org. Please let us know when signing up if you will need childcare for Sunday morning classes.

  • Women's Bible study: HOSEA

    HOSEA: This study will feature thematic emphases in Hosea and the Minor Prophets and their purpose in the Canon.

    Date: Sundays beginning September 22nd

    Time: 9:00am

    Location: C3 Library (room off the worship center)

    Dates: Wednesdays beginning September 18th (This class is full)

    Time: 9:30am

    Location: Debbie Stephenson's Home


    JESUS: Presented as the Prophet, Priest, & King from Genesis to Revelation.

    Date: Tuesdays beginning September 28th.

    Time: 9:00am

    Location: Debbie Smiley's Home

  • reading the bible for all that it's worth

    READING THE BIBLE: How to Hear, Understand, and Embrace what God has for us in His word.

    Date: Sundays beginning September 22nd.

    Time: 9:00am

    Location: C3 Worship Center