With all that has happened surrounding this pandemic, there is a great need for Christians to get involved and serve our neighbors. Below are some organizations and ministries we know of that are in need of specific things. This is not comprehensive and will change as we become aware of additional needs. Each item has a link that will take you to more information on how you can meet needs within each organization.

If you know of an organization that needs help at this time, please use this FORM to let us know.

  • Covenant campus ministry AT NCWC

    NCWC has discontinued on-campus learning. However, there are still a few students on campus that are unable to return to their homes. HERE is a list of ways you can serve these students while they are in Rocky Mount.


    Nash UNC Hospital is in need of PPE (personal protective equipment) for hospital staff to protect themselves from exposure to the virus. There is a comprehensive list of needed supplies and the drop-off location at this LINK.


    As you know, things are changing hourly in this crazy environment. Peacemakers is attempting to respond in ways that will make a tangible difference for our neighbors. CLICK HERE for highlights and ways you can serve.


    The American Red Cross is facing a severe blood shortage as the coronavirus outbreak threatens the availability of the nation’s blood supply. Healthy individuals are urged to help restock the shelves for patients who need surgery, victims of car accidents and other emergencies, or patients suffering from cancer. Please make an appointment: HERE.

Christ Covenant Family

SENT: 3/17/2020

This weekend, in response to growing concerns over coronavirus (COVID-19), Governor Roy Cooper gave an Executive Order  indefinitely banning any gathering of more than 100 people. The CDC later issued a similar statement, limiting groups to 50. And just yesterday, a Presidential order recommended group sizes no larger than 10.

In the interest of public safety, and as a display of love of neighbor, Christ Covenant Church is making the following decisions and recommendations:

1. Community Group Gatherings

In light of the recent presidential recommendation to limit groups to no more than 10 people, Community Groups should refrain from meeting in person until further notice. 

During our Community Group pause, we still want you to be well-equipped. We are working on ways to wrap up our study of Deuteronomy and  continue practicing community (even remotely).

2. NO Gatherings Until the Lifting of the Executive Order

We will not meet for worship at our campus, this Sunday, March 22. In addition to Sunday, Wednesday night prayer gathering and C3 Youth activities will be suspended March 18. We anticipate this ban will affect future Sunday morning and Wednesday night gatherings as well. Until we communicate otherwise, CCC is not meeting corporately on our campus.

However, for as long as the Executive Order is in effect, we will operate as we did this past weekend—live streaming our worship service, which will begin Sunday morning at 10:45 a.m. on YouTube. You can access the service on our FaceBook page and Website. The recording will be available for playback through Sunday night. From Monday on, you can access the sermon on YouTube, our website, and ApplePodcast.

All other official CCC events scheduled between today and the lifting of the governor’s Executive Order will not be meeting as scheduled. We will assess, in due time, whether we can reschedule these events.

3. Serving Opportunities

Sunday, John lead us to pray for wisdom in responding to our current circumstances. While we will continue to take wise precautions (as mentioned above, canceling our gatherings), we also recognize that we have a responsibility to be the hands and feet of Christ, caring for the sick and the vulnerable in times of great need. We are working on ways we can, as a body, serve our neighbors during this time. Our ministry team will let you know about those opportunities as soon as we are able. 

The Gospel Coalition has an excellent article with an encouragement to believers in how we are to respond to this pandemic. “Responding to Pandemics: 4 Lessons from Church History.”

4. Further Communication

We recognize that this is a dynamic situation with constant new information and updates. While we do not know when we will begin operating according to a normal schedule, we will continue to communicate updates on social media, via email, and our website.
Our elders, staff, and community group leaders are always here to serve our church family. Please let us know if you need help during this time.
Church Phone (call or text): 252-955-8754
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